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Thanksgiving: Inspiring Giving

Updated: Feb 23, 2018

Thanksgiving marks a wonderful (and daunting) responsibility for us parents - the opportunity to teach our kids about giving and thankfulness. What better way than with books? Read on to see our recommended books in this crowded category.

Published in 1964 and still a bestseller on Amazon. This book follows the relationship between a boy and a tree throughout his long life. Interpret what you will - the tree gives too much, the boy takes too much, the boy does or does not appreciate the tree - this book will genuinely make the parent think, causing the child to do the same. A must have.

An eccentric book about gratitude. A well illustrated reminder to be thankful for everything around us, ranging from robots to life's simple moments. One parent said her toddler's favorite word became "Thank You" because of this book!

A fantastic story that shows how sharing can pay off and a nice counter-example to a "I want so I must have" tantrum. After being told his family can't afford a drum, a boy politely accepts that reality. But when he demonstrates kindness and compassion again and again, he is rewarded with (you guessed it) a drum. Set in India, this book appeals to everyone and ups the diversity factor of your bookshelf.

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