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baby shower registry

a meaningful start

80% of brain development happens in the first 3 years of life.  Reading with a child deepens relationships and boosts the child's lifelong ability to learn.


Use Bookshelf Builder to kick start baby's library.

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how the registry works

1. Sign Up

Simply start by filling out this form.


We'll ask if there are any specific interests the parents have that we can incorporate into the book list.  



French language, Indian culture, camping, architecture, skiing, travel, gardening.

2. Book List

We'll generate about 50-70 book recommendations for your shower guests.  


This replaces the need to create your own wishlist!  We will edit the list together - some people make very little changes, others make several.  We'll happily work with you on it until its perfect.


If desired, guests are also encouraged to go off-list and pick their own special books.

3. Share

Share the registry link with your guests. 


Writers block?  View our sample invitations


We respect privacy, so we don't ask guests to share their emails when they claim books.      

a treasured baby shower

at the event

We encourage hosts to have all guests write something special in the book.  This is best done in advance, but can also be done at the event.  

An initial library of 25-50 books is a perfect starter library.  Our recommendations cover a broad range of formats, authors, styles and topics so parents can build knowledge and insight into how they want to grow their library. 

years later

The initial library will hold a special place in a parent's heart, and those books tend to get read for years (even after a child has out-grown them).  The notes inside the book form a deep connection to the book and the gifter.

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