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Our Story

I had too many toys already

As my son's 3rd birthday was approaching, I was excited about throwing a fun party ... however, I wasn't looking forward to the wave of gifts crashing on my home front. Gifts for kids birthdays are this weird social norm that doesn't work well .. gifts take up a lot of space, use up valuable environmental resources to make (plastic, batteries, etc), force guests to find time to choose something ... and for what?   My son had plenty of stuff already.  The one thing we could always use more of were books!   


So, I created a book registry for him and Bookshelf Builder was born!  ​

- NINA SODHI, founder & CEO

Nina is a seasoned startup executive and has been the CEO, COO or CFO of 3 startups.  She was previously investment banker at Merrill Lynch and a program manager at Microsoft.  She has an MBA from Harvard University and a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering from the University of Waterloo. In addition to running Bookshelf Builder, Nina is an advisor to 3 startups and an angel investor.  

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