Our Story


As my son's 3rd birthday was approaching, I was excited about throwing a fun party but not looking forward to the gifts.  They cause other parents stress, take up a lot of space, and my son had plenty of clothes and toys already.  Plenty.  The one thing we could always use more of were books!   


So, I created a book registry for him.  The tool let people know what books my son had and welcomed new ideas for expanding his collection.  Bookshelf Builder was born!  

My son, Taij (rhymes with "page"), was the inaugural registry on Bookshelf Builder.  You can check his registry out here.

- NINA SODHI, founder

Nina is a seasoned startup executive and ex-investment banker.  She is also currently the COO of Spatial, advisor to 3 startups, and an angel investor.  See more details here