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birthday registry

growing minds

Books are an important part of development, and what better time to invest in a growing mind than a birthday!

Join the trend to encourage guests to work together to boost a child's library.  Guests love that its meaningful and stress-free.

how it works

1. Sign Up

You can start by filling out our sign up form.  The whole process is free.


We'll ask if there are any specific interests the child and parents have that we can incorporate into the book list.



Strong female leads, diversity, French language, Indian culture, food, etc.

2. Book List

We'll generate about 50-70 book recommendations for your guests.  


This replaces the need to create your own wishlist!  We will edit the list together to fine tune it and remove books you already own.  


Guests are also encouraged to go off-list and pick their own special books.

3. Share

Share the registry link with your guests. 

Guests purchase books online (Amazon links are provided) or at their local book store and mark them claimed on the registry to avoid duplicates.  

Guests are also encouraged to write an inscription in the book.

Writers block?  View our sample invitations

benefits & features


Books promote quality time vs materialism


Books have enduring utility, minimal packaging and can be reused or recycled


Guests are encouraged to write a note inside the book which enables parents to remember and treasure the gift for years.

Avoid Over-Toying

Having too many toys can lead to mental fatigue, stunted creativity, and anxiety.

Library Lift

Enjoy an instant library boost with new authors, topics, and view points.


Gifters are confident in their choice of gift

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