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Black History Month: Celebrating Progress!

Updated: Mar 1, 2018

Here are our favorite books that recognize the wonderful impact the past and future black leaders have on our society!

A picture book of Dr. King's entire speech with no other commentary, this book gives parents a blank slate to discuss this critical juncture in America's history in their own way. view >

This inspiring story about how we choose our leaders can plant the seed for change in children. view >

Curious Ada investigates a foul smell using her skills as a scientist. view >

Little CJ takes a bus ride with his grandmother, who encourages him to really "see" the world around him. view >

Based on the life of Mae Jemison, the first African American woman in space, this book encourages kids to dream big and go far. view >

This story about Michael Jordan, written by his mother Deloris Jordan, is about his passion, fears of not being tall enough and hard work to become a basketball legend. view >

Based on the NY Times best selling novel and the Academy-Award nominated movie, this book nails the topic of persistence and owning your intelligence. view >

Written in 1962, this is the first full color picture book to feature a black child. A treasured book for generations, this is the story of a kid enjoying the wonders of fresh snowfall. view >

See our full list here!


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