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Earth Day: Thrive and Survive

Our planet is incredible, but it needs our help to thrive and survive! Earth Day (April 22, 2018), brings over a billion people together to support the cause. These books encourage dialog with young children about how the Earth functions and the impact each person has on its care.

Touch the Earth

1. Touch the Earth

Written by celebrity and Earth-lover Julian Lennon, this book takes the reader around the world to help friends save the environment. A NY Times best seller for its poetry, illustrations and heart-felt content.

What if Everybody Did That?

2. What if Everybody Did That?

A humorous book showcasing what happens when people are careless or thoughtless about their actions.

The Curious Garden

3. The Curious Garden

Another NY Times best seller, this book doesn't focus on environmentalism head on. Instead, it tells the story of a child who begins to take care an limp garden and sees it spread around the city, adding lush greenery everywhere. A great story about the impact one person can have.

The EARTH Book

4. The EARTH Book

A book full of practical tips a kid can do to help preserve the environment. This book is about empowerment through action. Available in both hard cover and as a board book, this is a great one for young babies too.

I am Jane Goodall

5. I am Jane Goodall

A glimpse into the life of a real-life scientist helping the animal world (she's a renowned chimpanzee researcher). Doubles as a book featuring a strong female lead, which is wonderful for both boys and girls.

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