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Books that Nurture a Newborn's Mind

A newborn's brain is actively absorbing its surroundings.

A newborn's mind is an amazing thing! Books can help a newborn develop in so many ways - eyesight muscles, conversation rhythm, vocabulary, and emotions. Books also have the benefit of providing the baby with the soothing voices and attention of loving caregivers, one of a newborn's most enjoyable experiences!

  1. Bonding: Babies love hearing the soothing voice of their parents. Also, tired and overwhelmed parents may benefit from having go-to activities like reading that can create meaningful moments with very little effort.

  2. Eye Development: A newborn's eyes develop over the first 6 months of their lives. Providing your child lots of opportunities to see shapes, high contrast lines, and colors at an arm's length distance will help give their eyes practice.

  3. Faces: Babies love seeing faces of other babies! Books with large, clear pictures of babies are great for helping newborns begin the journey of emotional connections and socialization.

  4. Vocabulary: Studies have shown that reading to your child starting from birth (and perhaps even pre-birth) will build key foundations for vocabulary and other language skills.

  5. Communication Skills: Rhythm, conversation flow, emotions. These are all important parts of human communication and a newborn is fully able to start picking these up from birth. Good newborn books engage a newborn's mind by providing examples of those elements.

Here are our go-to books for newborns. They are time-tested and parent approved!

A wonderful rhyming book showcasing babies from diverse families and situations. Parents will also enjoy seeing other parents caught in the act of their own parenting!

A cleverly designed book that encourages the reader to place the book over their face to take on the face of various farm animals. A little silly for parents, but babies love the back-and-forth interaction this book induces.

Known for its charming high contrast images, this book also introduces unique sounds to a baby that are hard to come by in other books.

A high contrast classic! A baby will love hearing about other animals get kissed, taken care of by others and simple words that they can begin to recognize.

By a well-loved author, this book is sweet and relatable. Also a fun way to introduce body parts to a newborn. This book will also last well into a child's second or third year. Many parents have reported quoting phrases in this book to calm down fussing babies, a testament to its soft cadence and warm sentiments.

Having a set of around 10-15 books for a newborn is a great start to their library. Creating a warm, loving bookshelf will go a long way towards establishing the habit of reading books for both child and parent.


- The Bookshelf Builder Team

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