Prenancy in White

Welcome to Sophia's Library Layette!


Due November 2022

New York

Team Sophia

A rich library is the best gift one can give a child.  Books can provide endless moments that are bond-building, nurturing, battery-free and most importantly, peaceful.

How this Works


A Library Layette is baby's first book collection.  We're coming together to gift this to Sophia.

Each guest is asked to contribute a fixed amount and together we will gift a wonderful and meaningful Library Layette to Sophia.

Your Contribution


Each guest is asked to contribute $15 to purchase the Library Layette.

At the Shower


Pick a book that means something to you and write a note on the front inside cover so Sophia can treasure your gift for years to come. 

Classic Board Books

Books that have endured the test of time and bring back memories for parents or gifters.

Lovey Dovey

Heart warming books provide opportunities for parents' genuine emotions to surface, increasing parent-child bonding.

High Contrast

High contrast images provide visual stimulation for newborn eyes, which continue to develop for 6 months after birth.

Touch and Feel

Textured surface encourage tactile exploration 

Hipster Best Sellers 

Trendy books that capture current mindsets, parenting methods and reflect modern humor.

Baby Faces

Babies love looking at other babies, which also helps foster early socialization

Sleepy Time

Aspirational books for sleep-deprived parents  

Building Vocabulary

Reinforces picture-word association to foster language