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A book is the best gift you can give a child.


A library is the best gift you can give new parents.


Avoid over-toying and channel guests well wishes into expanding your child's library.  

Baby Showers

Nurture a newborn's mind with books.  Perfect for parents-to-be that are mindful of space or have plenty already.

Special Events

Christmas, Hanukkah, Easter, or even year-long gifts. 


Give us topics that the child likes (ie butterflies) or that you want to expose them to (ie a language/culture)

Bookshelf Builder will create a registry list with 50-75 book recommendations

Customize the list as much or as little as you'd like

Share the registry via email, your invitation or word of mouth

Enjoy all new books and new moments you'll share with your child

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Email to get started today

We'll have your registry up and running within 48 hours.

Engaging books.  Engaging moments.

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