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Cultivate a Joy of Food

Getting kids to eat well is often an adventure. Books can provide an "outside seat" for kids to observe others eating, what they eat, or how they explore and try new food items. Given mealtime is prone to power struggles, having a neutral "outside seat" is a great way for parents to explore the topic with their children. Here are our favorite children's books about food, mealtime and nutrition. To see more, check out the full list on our website.

1. Hungry Caterpillar

An ultimate classic. The caterpillar explores a variety of food, ranging from fruit to cake, and then settles on a nice tasty leaf. (Ages 0y-2y)

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2. Dragons Love Tacos

This New York Times bestseller is quirky and funny. The main character decides to throw a taco party for dragons, and must follow rules to ensure a safe ending. (Ages 2y-6y)

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3. Good Enough To Eat

Its tough for a children's book to be information dense yet still be easy to read out loud and appealing to kids. This one does a great job. Lots of relatable data about how nutrition fuels the body and how the body works. Parents will learn a lot, too! (Ages 2y-6y)

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4. Growing Vegetable Soup

Walks the reader through the seed to table cycle, showcasing the joy of gardening and growing your own food. (Ages 6m-4y)

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5. Eating the Alphabet

Doubling as an alphabet primer, this book introduces young readers to an enormous variety of fruits and vegetables. (Ages 6m-3y)

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6. Dim Sum for Everyone

A charming book about the Asian tradition of Dim Sum will give readers of all backgrounds a excellent example of cultural diversity and differences in food. (Ages 0m-3y)

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7. Green Eggs and Ham

Another treasured classic! Sam I Am follows his friend around an relentlessly encourages him to try green eggs and ham. Sam gets worn down and tries the food, ending the book with the discovery that he loves it. The rhythmic verses are appealing to all ages. (Ages 0m-5y)

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8. Chaat and Sweets

Part of the Tricycle's World Snacks series, this book introduces toddlers to scrumptious Indian snack foods known as chaat. (Ages 0m-3y)

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