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baby book bundles

the library layette

Our Library Layette is a carefully crafted bundle of foundational books every baby library should have.  From The Very Hungry Caterpillar to Good Night, Gorilla, the Library Layette will be treasured for years to come.

Shower guests can pool their funds to buy a Library Layette.

Book Basket on Window Sill.jpg

the science

At Bookshelf Builder, we believe a rich library is the best gift you can give a child but choosing from millions of books can be daunting.  Our Library Layettes are lovingly curated to form an exceptional foundation to any library.  Each book is hand selected because it provides something special to baby and reader, and together the layette covers a landscape of developmental needs.  Simple and easy, so your energy can be directed to mom and baby.

the benefits

nurture parent-child bonding

Reading together provides opportunities for  human contact, affection, attention and shared laughter - all of which lead to deeper connections.

Mother and Baby
battery and bling free

Without the distraction of bling, books provide babies with calm, quiet play that support the neurological process of building attention span.

Baby with Toys
build lifelong capacity to learn

Being read to improves a child's ability to absorb and mentally organize information by 30%.

Twin Babies

Books are sturdier than most toys (especially board books with thick cardboard pages), made with almost no plastic, and can be passed down several times over. 

Baby with Toys
no guesswork

Take the guess work out.  Our Library Layettes do the hard work of choosing items for you.

Opening Baby Shower Gifts

The Library Layettes are designed to be cost conscious and neutralize income gaps among shower guests.  Same affordable cost for all.

how it works


Choose a layette size

Select the Library Layette size that works for you, your budget and what else is happening in the shower.  The cost of the layette can be shared by the shower guests if desired.  If so, one person will make the purchase and the guests will repay the purchaser directly.

Budgeting tip for shower organizers: Build the cost of a Library Layette into the broader shower.  For example, if there will be 10 guests and you select the koala layette for $140 ($14/each), you could ask guests contribute $20/each to help cover the cost of the food, decorations and games in addition to the layette to ease the financial burden on you.


Select your delivery date

All layettes include free delivery within the United States.  Let us know when you'd like the layette delivered ... right away or closer to the shower.  


The basket

All layettes include a beautiful cotton rope basket to place the books in.  Not only does this make for a charming and eco-friendly way to present the gift, it is also an important part of the experience you are gifting.  The basket is well proportioned, transportable and easy to place in high use spaces to ensure books are accessible as often as possible.


The stickers

All layettes come with stickers that shower guests can use to write a small note and stick in a book.  Parents have told us this is the best part of the Bookshelf Builder shower experience!  


Free substitutions

Our layettes are designed to build on each other, with the most foundational books in the first tier.  That said, we are happy to swap out any book with another on the list.  

library layette sizes


12 books

small basket

11.2 in x 4.7 in

12 message stickers 


free shipping



17 books

medium basket

12 in x 5 in

18 message stickers 

free shipping



23 books

large basket

12.8 in x 5.5 in

24 message stickers 

free shipping


see what's in each layette

(and the science behind our choices)

owl  - 12 books

koala: owl + 5 = 17 books

giraffe: koala + 6 = 23 books

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