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Watch Out for the Lion!

Watch Out for the Lion!
Readers beware―there’s a ferocious lion in this book! The book warns that it has seen the lion already. First its bristly tail, then clashing claws, twitchy ears, fearsome fangs… and it’s lying in wait to turn any unsuspecting passerby into a child cheeseburger or rugrat ravioli. But does a brushy tail always belong to a lion? When you touch the curvy claws, will they be attached to a paw? You never really know what might be lurking around the corner in this surprising story that challenges readers to face their darkest fears, and maybe even laugh about them.


average rating is 4.9 out of 5, based on 14 votes, reviews
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Brooke Hartman

Anna Süßbauer

Klyde The Kraken Wants a Friend

Klyde The Kraken Wants a Friend

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