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Vampire Baby!

Vampire Baby!
Open the flaps to follow Vampire Baby through a not-so-spooky haunted castle on Halloween night! On every page, and beneath every flap, Vampire Baby! is crawling with Gothic Halloween imagery and creeping with classic Halloween creatures, including a mummy, Frankenstein's Monster, a ghost, and a gargoyle. Young readers and pre-readers will discover the details of this nonthreatening Halloween castle alongside their Vampire Baby avatar, as every spread features a flap revealing a fun, unexpected character or surprise. The durable, interactive flaps make this an ideal multisensory experience for hours of fun at schools, libraries, homeschool or stay-at-home activities.

Halloween, Lift the Flap

average rating is 5 out of 5, based on 18 votes, reviews
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Elias Barks

Zoe Persico

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