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Up, Up, Up, Down!

Up, Up, Up, Down!
This action-packed toddler's day with Dad is full of opposites—and now in board! From his first demand to be picked up and then immediately put down, opposites pop up all day long for this energetic boy. Breakfast is no, no, no, yes! At the sandbox, it's make, make, make, break! And jumping into the pool goes from can't, can't, can't, to can! Kimberly Gee's expressive illustrations emphasize the loving connection between a boy and his father in this clever concept book about everyday highs and lows is now in sturdy board, ready to become a staple in toddlers' hands and bookshelves'.


average rating is 4.6 out of 5, based on 89 votes, reviews

Kimberly Gee

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