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This Might Be Too Personal

This Might Be Too Personal
A frisky, feminine, funny, and profoundly genuine essay collection on relationships, sex, motherhood, and finding yourself, by the editor of New York magazine's "Sex Diaries." Alyssa Shelasky has a lot to tell you. In this hilarious and intimate essay collection, Alyssa navigates life as a wild-hearted woman and her thrilling career as a sex, relationship, and celebrity writer in New York City. From running away from the “perfect” future husband(s), to interviewing A-list stars while contemplating an abortion, to bypassing men entirely to have a baby with an anonymous sperm donor, to partnering up with a sexy enigma while extremely pregnant and eventually finding a soulmate whom she swears she’ll never marry, Alyssa’s essays paint a deeply genuine, romantic, and uproarious portrait of a woman who lives by her own paradigm of love and lust, and who refuses to settle or sacrifice her fierce inner-spirit, sometimes to her own regret and detriment. Through her stories, confessions, and columns, she shares all the beautiful, embarrassing, and emotional details of her bleeding heart and busy bedroom. This Might Be Too Personal is like having (several) drinks with your best friend who has seen, heard, and done everything. Literally, everything. Told with a refreshing candor with jolts of humor, comforting relatability, and irresistible energy, Alyssa’s book is the ultimate meditation on living an authentic life with big feelings, hard decisions, and the small victories and painful mistakes of motherhood, womanhood, and profound independence.

Grown-ups, by Alyssa Shelasky

average rating is 4.5 out of 5, based on 89 votes, reviews
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Alyssa Shelasky

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