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The 9th Stratum

The 9th Stratum
Are you ready to unlock your true potential and reap the rewards that only high performance provides? Performance. It’s a word that many of us take for granted. Although the word may seem simple, when we add the words negative, positive, low, or high, it becomes something that can have a major impact on our future. Why then does our own performance take a back seat to the daily grind of career and life? Why is it that all of us do not perform at our highest potential? The answer is basic in delivery but complex in execution—we simply do not know how or where to start. Welcome to the 9th Stratum: Your guide to high performance. In The 9th Stratum, Aaron Salko provides the backed-by-science knowledge of how high performers operate. Developed over two decades through the study, testing, and application of techniques and practices observed in low to high performers, Salko has revealed the specific performance-based skills, behaviors, routines, and habits that are practiced daily by high-performers from all industries. In this book you will be given tactical applications and a step-by-step, practical guide that you can begin to use immediately in both your career and life. The choice is yours: embrace the knowledge and transcend your limitations, or simply skim the surface and remain on your current path. But know this—whether you fully commit or merely scan the pages, this book will leave a lasting mark on your journey, forever elevating your performance to higher stratums. Ask yourself: "Who do I aspire to be?" If you can visualize your aspiration, then buy your copy today! As the creator of the 9th Stratum, Aaron Salko has a demonstrated history of personal performance, talent development, innovation, creativity, and organizational growth. For over two decades he has focused on human performance in both career and life in a highly competitive, entrepreneurially-based, global sales environment.


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Aaron Salko

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