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Sprinkles the Fire Dog

Sprinkles the Fire Dog
Sprinkles the Fire Dog is an inspirational story about a little puppy from a big city who dreams of one day becoming a fire dog. To achieve that dream, Sprinkles must overcome his physical limitations, the critical corner mutts, and his own self-doubt. This is a wonderful story about setting goals, putting in the work, and turning dreams into reality. Best-selling author Frank Viscuso and renowned artist and author Paul Combs have served as firefighters for more than 50 combined years. Throughout their careers, they have used their talents to inspire others with their books and teaching. In Sprinkles the Fire Dog, they join forces to bring us a wonderful story that is sure to inspire young children to pursue their dreams, overcome adversity, and fight for what they believe in.

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Frank Viscuso

Paul Combs

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