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Sit. Stay. Love.

Sit. Stay. Love.
Imbue good character and confidence within your child through easy life lessons, from a doggie! Dogs make us laugh, and dogs bring us joy. But what can they teach us about life? With its lovable pictures and songlike rhymes, kids will pick up valuable lessons they can use throughout their lives. Sit Stay Love teaches that no matter how we are different, how we are the same is what matters most. With so many things to learn in life, who'd knew that the best life lessons would come from a dog! Children thrive on simple phrases, and easy to remember ideas. With a loveable dog-friend as a guide, children will relate to the kind words and advice on every page. Sometimes the guidance parents instill each day seems a bit easier to remember when it comes from a friend. This is one manners book your child will want to read over and over again. The perfect friendship book for toddlers and children ages 3-8 Integrity and honesty come from self-awareness at an early age. When kids learn morals and virtues in a fun way, they can apply them to everyday situations, bringing kindness and compassion to their relationships. Sit Stay Love will become your go-to book to help give your kids solid ethics and morality.


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Chalaine Kilduff

Sally Brodermann

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