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Take kids out to their very first hockey game in this adorable storybook for our youngest fans! The goalkeeper reaches and thinks he has it. But the puck goes in, He didn’t catch it! SCOOOOOOORE! This fun, informative, and action-packed illustrated sports book for toddlers features the game of the year: the Penguins vs. the Otters! Each spread introduces hockey terms, gear, players, and referees within the context of the story of a 3-period game between all-animal teams. Read along as the two teams face off, flick the puck across the ice, check each other (safely!) and even get penalties. Who’s going to win? It will all be decided by a last-minute power play!


average rating is 4.9 out of 5, based on 13 votes, reviews
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Tanner Ryan

Bowers Studio

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