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Written by Ah-Keisha McCans and Illustrated by Et Green. In a world where diverse books are a necessity and cultural responsive education is a must, Pots, by writer-artist duo, Ah-Keisha McCans and Et Green, is a tender and flavorful book that delivers with spirited voice and embodied imagery. An homage to the pair's four children, Pots, is chock full of inventive onomatopoeia, AAVE colloquialism, Black joy, and brilliantly textured artwork. Journey through the many pots in one little girl's family home. Every pot has its own look, sound, and feel. Each pot offers soul food and a soulful story in this playfully flavorful picture book featuring colorful illustrations and rhythmic prose! Award-winning playwright and former K-8 school librarian, Ah-Keisha McCans, authors a children's book that cooks up worlds of flavorful prose and playful scenery in more pots than one!

Diverse Leads, Family

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Ah-Keisha McCans

Et Green

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