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My First Trip to Korea

My First Trip to Korea
Yoona's Brave Adventure in Korea: A Bilingual Children's Book Fostering Curiosity and Language Learning! Join Yoona on an exhilarating journey to Korea in "My First Trip to Korea"! This beautifully written children's book, designed for ages 4-7, follows Yoona as she learns the value of embracing the unknown and trying new experiences. With endearing characters and captivating storytelling, "My First Trip to Korea" introduces basic Chinese vocabulary and phrases, making language learning an enjoyable adventure. The vibrant illustrations immerse young readers in Yoona's brave escapades, sparking their curiosity about the unfamiliar world.

Travel, Korean Culture

average rating is 4.5 out of 5, based on 56 votes, reviews

Yeonsil Yoo

Anastasiya Halionka

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