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My First Hindi Words

My First Hindi Words
Bring your baby closer to their culture with “My First Hindi Words!” Increase your child's Hindi vocabulary with this fun and colorful book by "Hindi By Reena.” This book will introduce kids to everyday Hindi words through bright and realistic illustrations. With a focus on the learning Hindi words — the book does not confuse early learners with the Devanagari script. Written by Hindi By Reena — The world’s first comprehensive Hindi learning company -- this book was created after years of research with kids and babies from around the world.WHY LEARN HINDI?Hindi is India’s most-spoken national language. The total number of Hindi speakers are well over a half a billion. Whether you are Gujarati, Punjabi or Bengali — most indians can speak Hindi fluently as a second language. Hindi is so popular in India, that even all the Bollywood movies are in Hindi!

Indian Culture

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