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Mostly Me

Mostly Me
I’ve got some green, I’ve got some blue. Some have asked, “So what are you?” Not quite blue, not fully green. I’m something new. I’m in-between. This joyful and introspective picture book about navigating biracial identity follows a blue-green narrator on a journey of self-discovery. Written in playful rhyme, Mostly Me is an ode to readers of all ages that have felt out of place, questioning who they are. Navigating oft-asked questions like “Who am I? Do I belong?”, readers discover the most empowering answer of all: “I’m mostly me.” Written and illustrated by two biracial storytellers, author Collin Hall and artist Crystal Dawn Chaffee, this book creates a vibrant and uplifting message for anyone who feels like they're in-between. “Beautifully written and illustrated, charming and uplifting. I wish I had this book growing up. Mostly Me is a simple yet profound story of who we are and the questions we’re so often asked (and ask ourselves), told in a whimsical and memorable way.” — Jo Ling Kent, CBS News, Senior Business and Tech Correspondent

Diversity, Being Yourself

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Collin Hall

Crystal Dawn Chaffee

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