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Memoirs Of A Tortoise

Memoirs Of A Tortoise
Oliver the tortoise has had his human, Ike, for a very, very long time now. In fact, they're the same age--80 years old--and practically twins. They both enjoy the slowness of the garden, cool water from the hose on a hot day, and a nice slice of honeydew melon. But when Ike stops visiting the garden, Oliver wonders why his pet has left him so soon. So he makes the long journey to see his mother ten gardens away--she will certainly have the answer. This tender story from the author and illustrator that brought us Memoirs of a Goldfish reminds us to cherish all the days we have with our pets and loved ones.

Pets, Aging Grandparents, Gratitude

average rating is 4.8 out of 5, based on 152 votes, reviews

Devin Scillian

Tim Bowers

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