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Welcome to Baby Hostetter-Napeñas' registry!
Due: August 1, 2018
Shower: May 29, 2018 
Location: Massachusetts

Team Mariah


We're coming together to help build baby's first library!  Book recommendations are below, but feel free to go off-list if you want. 



Bookshelf Builder's recommendations are based on trends, newborn developmental needs, and the parents' own interests. 

Avoid Duplicates


Please fill out this form with the books that you bringing to mark them as "claimed".

At the Shower


Bring your books to the shower.  Please write something in the book so it can be treasured for years to come. 

Baby's First Diwali

Baby's First Diwali

Celebrate Diwali with this delightful baby board book teaching little ones all about the popular festival of light.

Bold, brightly colored pictures, and short and snappy text is a fantastic way to discover Diwali together in this delightful book! From the shining diya lamps that gave the festival its name, to colorful Rangoli sand decorations and sweet treats, Baby’s First Diwali features all the familiar favourites associated with India’s biggest and brightest holiday.

This board book is perfect for children aged 2-4 years old, to develop early learning skills with simple and vibrant pictures and sentences that promote language skills. The small, padded format of this book is perfect for little hands to hold, and babies and toddlers will enjoy turning the pages by themselves, helping with early reading development and fine motor skills.

This charming board book features:

- Bright images that are exciting for little ones to focus on
- A small, sturdy, and padded design making it easy for babies to hold by themselves
- A gentle introduction to the festival of Divali, with clear text for little ones to understand
- A simple and clear design that’s easy for little ones to follow along
- Learn all about the amazing festival of light with your little one!

Baby’s First Diwali perfectly captures the joy of this special celebration and is an ideal preschool learning introduction to the traditions of the holiday. Adults and toddlers can enjoy reading this book on Diwali together and learn about India’s brightest festival.

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