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Little Dumplings

Little Dumplings
A mouth-watering, multicultural board book for little foodies and their loved ones, celebrating dumplings from kitchens all over the world! There are so many different kinds of dumplings to love! In this sweet rhyming board book, the youngest of readers are introduced to traditional dumplings eaten all over the world, from bao to pierogi, samosa, and more! Featuring more than thirty different dumplings, plus an illustrated guide to pronunciation and associated regions, this multicultural board book is just right for sharing diverse culinary traditions and fostering a love of good food with little ones. Everyone is welcome at this dumpling celebration!

Food, Diversity

average rating is 4.3 out of 5, based on 20 votes, reviews

Jekka Kuhlmann

Krissy Kuhlmann

Manita Boonyong

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