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Liam's Blueprints

Liam's Blueprints
“The birds and the bees for the donor-conceived generation.” -Melanie McGee Bianchi/Editor/Bold Life Magazine Liam’s mommy is an architect, and while walking together to his first day of school, he learns that Mommy helped design one of the houses in the neighborhood. Upon arriving at school, Liam meets a boy with a new baby sister and learns that babies come from mommies and daddies. Liam begins to wonder about how he was made without a daddy and rushes home after school to find out the answer. Together, Liam and Mommy explore what it means to be donor-conceived and how generosity and genetics combined to create a home built not just by an architect, but by love. This book is for single moms by choice who have used their own egg + a sperm donor via IUI.

Donor Conceived

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Sharon Leya

Janne Maru

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