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Who is that little cutie in the mirror? It’s me! Babies and toddlers will love exploring every interactive mirrored page featuring sweet animal friends expressing an emotion. Act silly like a giraffe, look surprised like a monkey, and pretend to sleep like a koala! Playful art and a mirror bring every expression to life in this fun and imaginative story designed to help little ones better understand their feelings. Lamaze books are designed to spark little triumphs at every stage of baby’s development. Created in conjunction with child development experts, Lamaze books inspire interactive, healthy learning. The high quality, bright colors, friendly faces, and tactile and contrasting patterns of Lamaze books make them a favorite of parents, babies, and experts. -Story entertains while rhyming text teaching repetitive language patterns to babies and toddlers to help strengthen language development -Mirrors are great for childhood development and introduce babies to early earning concepts. They help babies explore, learn to see their own faces, and start to recognize their reflections. Mirrors help babies develop self-awareness, a key part of their overall social-emotional development -Sturdy board pages are easy to grasp and great for practicing fine motor skills. Mirrors inspire babies to reach, pat, and point, also increasing fine motor skills -Little ones will adore looking at their reflection on every page! A perfect interactive book that teaches children to practice visual tracking and grasp emotions -Shiny mirrors in every animal scene spark imagination and creativity.


average rating is 4.7 out of 5, based on 84 votes, reviews
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Rose Colombe

Cottage Door Press

Charlotte Pepper

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