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Every One Is Special: Dogs

Every One Is Special: Dogs
A series of fun and interactive books for toddlers and young children about how great it is to be different. Every person (and every cat, dog, fairy, and dinosaur) is special and different in their own way – whatever their shape, size, age, or hairstyle! This series of colorful little books brings a fresh, topical approach about how our differences make us special – whether we are talking about dogs, dads, birthdays, bodies, families, or anything else. Every One is Special: Dogs explains that every dog has different traits which make them unique and special, in a humorous and gentle way. Among the fun, there is a serious point to be made. At the moment, the differences between us can seem wider than ever. This series of bright little books for babies and toddlers aged 0-3 provides a way to encourage young children to accept and embrace the idea of difference.

Pets, Being Yourself

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Fiona Munro

Laura Hambleton

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