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Dot Town: Where Are You, Blue?

Dot Town: Where Are You, Blue?
When Blue Dot is running late, his whereabouts get caught up in a hilarious chain of miscommunication. “Okay! Blue Dot is on his way.” “What? Blue Dot has joined the ballet?” “Wait no—he said he’d be here soon.” “Why did Blue Dot go to the moon?” Blue Dot is late for dinner, and one misheard statement leads to a string of rumors about where he could be. Did he move out of town? Has he become a circus clown? Why is he delayed? Did he join a parade? It’s a classic game of telephone gone awry. Readers young and old will love sharing this sturdy board book filled with rhyming text and dots who are as vibrant in color as they are in character.


average rating is 4.7 out of 5, based on 32 votes, reviews
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Sonali Fry

Holly Clifton-Brown

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