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B is for Bagel

B is for Bagel
"A...delightful, colorful, bagel-themed ABC book that’s an ode to the round doughy delicacy beloved by American Jews (and anyone who has good taste in food)." —Kveller Splish, splash, and roll your way through this book, where unicorns and rainbows take their bagel form, and sprinkles know no limits! Kids will love finding a new favorite bagel, whether they like lox or maybe just x-tra schmear! From asiago to za’atar, and everything in between, B is for Bagel teaches the whole alphabet, while introducing children to traditional and innovative bagel flavors. Vibrant photographs of each life-size bagel make turning the pages so much fun!

Food, Alphabet

average rating is 4.8 out of 5, based on 48 votes, reviews
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Rachel Teichman

Rebecca Wright

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