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Tully and Me

Tully and Me
Tully and Me explores a friendship built on differences and understanding. Tully represents an individual affected by Autism Spectrum Disorder. The unique characteristics associated with Autism are portrayed including an affinity for counting and order, and a love for visual stimulation. Whimsical watercolor illustrations help to showcase a unique friendship that is nurtured through adversity and understanding. Tully and Me explores a world where our differences and the universal language of a smile bring us together. Everyone who enjoyed The Dot by Peter Reynolds, We're amazing 1,2,3 by Leslie Kimmelman and Marybeth Nelson, and I'm Like You, You're Like Me by Cindy Gainer will enjoy this read as well! This book is an excellent teaching tool for lessons on diversity, autism, individuals with special needs, and accepting and curating friendships with people who are a just a little bit different. It is a beautiful story for families to share. This picture book is appropriate for children and adults of all ages.

Friendship, Unique Superpowers

average rating is 4.8 out of 5, based on 36 votes, reviews
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Keeley A Shaw

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