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Growing Vegetable Soup

Growing Vegetable Soup
This is the boldest, brassiest garden book to hit the market, and what a delight. Intensely colored graphics capture the complete growing process from seed to cooking pot, with the focus on the plants. The unseen narrator describes the process of growing vegetable soup, from preparing the tools and digging holes for the seeds to weeding plants; picking vegetables; washing, chopping, and cooking themand finally enjoying the homemade soup while planning to grow more next year. It's a fresh presentation of the gardening cycle with a joyful conclusion, and the added attraction of an easy and tasty recipe for vegetable soup on the flyleaf. A book to help nourish healthy readers. (Barbara Peklo Serling, Oneida City Schools, N.Y.)

Fathers, Gardening, Food

average rating is 4.7 out of 5, based on 410 votes, reviews
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Lois Ehlert

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