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Children Who Dance in the Rain

Children Who Dance in the Rain
★ Human Relations Award, 2023 Children’s Book of the Year ★ Next Generation Book Award Winner ★ Firebird Book Award Winner ★ Family Choice Award Winner ★ Literary Titan Gold Award Winner ★ Mom's Choice Gold Award Winner ★ Golden Wizard Book Prize Winner ★ Story Monsters Award Winner ★ Pinnacle Book Achievement Award Acclaimed as the Children's Book of the Year, a captivating take that cultivates empathy, nurtures self-confidence, and inspires an attitude of appreciation in young minds. Help foster empathy, emotional intelligence, and social skills by introducing children to diverse perspectives, experiences, and a sense of gratitude for the blessings in their lives. Meet the children who learned to dance in the rain. Sophie gets bored quickly and won't even eat her food without looking at her tablet. She's thrilled to hear of her family's upcoming trip to a magical place called India, a land she's only heard of in stories. Once there, she quickly realizes that the underprivileged children living in the mud colony possess a joy and contentment she can't explain. Sophie sets out on a journey of discovery, but what she finds may change her world forever. This tale about the true meaning of happiness and the power of gratitude is based on true events. True to one of its core themes about giving back, 100% percent of net proceeds from every fourth copy of Children Who Dance in the Rain will go to charities such as Save The Children, GiveWell and Bright Sparks School in Mohali, India, who are dedicated to providing educational opportunities for underprivileged children.

Compassion, Gratitude

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