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Calis Nursery Rhymes Bundle

Calis Nursery Rhymes Bundle
You’ll find all the classic nursery rhymes of your childhood in this nursery rhymes bundle. It’s a great occasion to pass them on to your babies and toddlers! Enjoy some of the most beloved songs by children and adults alike. This Bundle includes: 1. The Wheels on The Bus 2. You are My Sunshine 3. Patty Cake 4. Hush Little Baby 5. I like the Flowers Nursery Rhymes Each page has engaging illustrations, delightful music for kids to sing along to, and lyrics that help enhance babies’, toddlers’ and children’s language, comprehension, and motor skills! Inside each book, you will find 1 Sound Button on every page, 15 Seconds of Music, Charming Illustrations, Song Lyrics, and Lots of Fun!

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