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Addy's Cup of Sugar

Addy's Cup of Sugar
Addy has moved to a new neighborhood with her beloved kitten, Trumpet. They are best friends, and inseparable. But when Trumpet is hit by a car, Addy seeks her wise friend, Stillwater. She is sure he will know how to bring Trumpet back to life. Stillwater tells Addy she will need to find a special medicine. To do this, she must go to everyone in the neighborhood and collect a cup of sugar. But there is one condition: it can only come from the home of someone who has never been touched by loss. Addy goes from house to house. And when she returns home, Stillwater asks for her cup of sugar. But, of course, she has none. For there isn't a person who has not felt the pain of loss. How Addy comes to understand how this special medicine works makes for a reassuring story of consolation and healing. Muth's stunning interpretation of this Buddhist tale is infused with light and compassion. And it celebrates the fragile and sacred moments we all share with those we love.


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Jon J. Muth

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