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A Strange Bird

A Strange Bird
A heart-felt story about a baby dragon who can't seem to fit in - and refuses to give up. Finally, the dragon saves the day by daring to be different. A Strange Bird is unlocking the little dragon in all of us. A book that touches on complicated themes, but reminds us that unconditional love can help us to accept ourselves, even when we feel so different from those around us. In this story, Mama Blackbird finds an extra big red egg tucked in her nest. The big red egg hatches, and out pops a dragon! Mama Blackbird loves them as her own right from the beginning, but as the dragon grows he runs into a little trouble. Our little red dragon tries to learn to fly and drops like a stone. He tries to hunt worms but he scares them all off. He struggles to fit in with his brothers and sisters, and then accidentally breaks the tree branch where their nest was! He is understandably distraught, but his family always sticks by him. Then, winter comes early. The forest animals are so cold and aren't ready. The little red dragon knows exactly what to do and builds them a fire to keep them all warm. It's here that the dragon has learned to accept himself, and he is able to use his particular strengths to help his family. A Strange Bird is a book about accepting differences, but it's also very much a book about the power of unconditional love. This book reminds us that when we feel loved, we are able to love ourselves, and really be ourselves. A Strange Bird can help to get kids to feel safe and open up about their complicated feelings, and allow parents to gently remind them that they are always, and will always be loved.

Being Yourself

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Michael Engler

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