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A Day at the Market

A Day at the Market
Celebrate one glorious day of fresh flowers, fish, and produce at Seattle's Pike Place Market--a 100-year-old working farmer's market that steals the hearts of locals and visitors alike. With her signature cut-paper style and playful rhymes in a sturdy, oversized board book with peek-a-boo die-cuts, Sara Anderson captures the essence of the Market she treasures--not only its friendly cacophony, but also the richness of its colorful community, the secrets of its many nooks and crannies, and its irresistible summer bounty. (All ages) Ka-chub-ka-chub Salmon-in-a-tub. Shovel in ice, cold and nice.

Pacific Northwest, Food

average rating is 4.4 out of 5, based on 33 votes, reviews
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Sara Anderson

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