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Personalized Treasury of Nursery Rhymes

Personalized Treasury of Nursery Rhymes
A PERSONALIZED COLLECTION OF NURSERY RHYMES - Add a child's name and character. Together, their name and character appear almost 100 times throughout the book! THE STORY - Your child travels through the enchanting land of nursery rhymes, meeting classic characters from the Muffin Man to Little Bo Peep along the way. And the magic doesn’t stop there! Each traditional nursery rhyme features your child within the verse – and in the adorable illustrations on every page. SIZE - The book is 40 pages long and measures 7.6 x 12.4 inches. QUALITY - Beautifully written and delightfully illustrated, each book is printed on thick, high-quality paper. We source paper from sustainable forests (FSC-certified), so it's good for our wonderful world, too. Available in hardcover or softcover. A PERFECT KEEPSAKE - This timeless collection of nursery rhymes is a beautiful gift to pass on to a child, and will fill their early years with magical memories. Whether you’re buying for a christening gift, celebrating a first birthday or just want to treat a special little someone, it's a treasury to be cherished for years to come.

Nursery Rhymes

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