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Ollie: The Sea Grass is Not Always Greener

Ollie: The Sea Grass is Not Always Greener
A curious otter's tale from popular Ocean Tales Children’s Books series Ollie is a heart-warming picture book written in lyrical rhyme that will be cherished by children, ocean lovers, teachers and parents. Ollie the otter is running away from home, he wonders if there is a better world out there. On his journey, he comes across some fun-loving turtles, playful baby seahorses, dancing stingrays and even a familiar penguin with colorful hair. They all let him join in, but he soon realizes that maybe it wasn’t so bad at home after all. Will he go back home to the ones he loves? He swam with the turtles until they had lunch. They munched on some algae with shrimp for a crunch. He stirred it around. It was slimy and thick, but with his first mouthful, their soup made him sick! It was then that he thought of his mum’s urchin stew. He missed her, but just for a second or two. “I can’t go home yet,” Ollie said with despair. “I want to discover what else is out there.”


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