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Lola: The Bracelet Of Courage

Lola: The Bracelet Of Courage
A brave mermaid's tale from popular Ocean Tales Children’s Books series Lola, The Bracelet of Courage is a heart-warming picture book written in lyrical rhyme that will be cherished by children, mermaid lovers, teachers and parents. Lola has a magical bracelet that helps her to feel brave. One day she loses her bracelet, and a turning tide forces her to navigate a new path home through a slimy kelp forest and a dark cave. Will Lola find her courage without the help of her magical bracelet? Lola the mermaid seemed very courageous. Some things that she did were just simply outrageous! She liked to tell stories of ghosts in the dark and to go on fast rides at the fun water park. But being this brave was not always the case. She used to be timid and felt out of place.

Strong Female Leads, Bravery

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