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I Turned My Mom Into a Unicorn

I Turned My Mom Into a Unicorn
What happens when you turn your mom into a unicorn? Celebrate the holidays with this book that's bursting with confetti, magic, rainbows, sparkles and fun! Ted's mom is always asking him to do boring chores - like clean up his toys and brush his teeth. Maybe if he turns his mom into a super fun unicorn, everything will be awesome! Or maybe not? This fun positive story fosters gratitude in children. Kids will learn to appreciate what they have and count their blessings. If you enjoyed Unicorn Day, How to Catch a Unicorn and Never Let a Unicorn Wear Tutu, you will fall in love with I Turned My Mom into a Unicorn! Check it out now and watch your child feel thankful every day! Free coloring printables at the end of every book.


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