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I Feel... Different

I Feel... Different
This series helps kids recognize, express, and deal with the roller coaster of emotions they feel every day. It has been celebrated by therapists, psychologists, teachers, and parents as wonderful tools to help children develop self-awareness for their feelings and those of their friends. Sometimes I feel different. Like I'm slightly too tall. Or unusually big and I don't fit at all... Everyone is different in their own special way, but sometimes that can make us feel odd or left out. It's important to remember that our differences are what make us who we are, and that's wonderful! With fun, witty illustrations and simple, straightforward text, I Feel...Different helps kids understand that sometimes we feel different than everyone else, and that's okay! These books make it easy for kids to identify their own emotions―and have fun too. Explore the complex world of feelings with the I Feel... series!


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