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Goodnight, Good Dog Carl

Goodnight, Good Dog Carl
Everyone’s favorite babysitting dog is back, and this time he is putting everybody to bed! In Goodnight, Good Dog Carl, Carl tucks everyone in for the night, but not before a couple of games, a glass of milk, and a bedtime story. Carl makes sure all is well in the house (as a good dog should), and then settles down to sleep himself. This new board book is the latest title from Alexandra Day, author and illustrator of the best-selling Good Dog, Carl series. With durable pages and large, detailed illustrations, this book will delight young children and toddlers. A lullaby is included at the end of the book for added bedtime fun! Goodnight, Good Dog Carl is sure to become a favorite bedtime staple. Alexandra Day’s newest Carl nighttime adventure is perfect for pre-literate children. Send your children to dreamland with all the tenderness and beauty of the Good Dog, Carl series!


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