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English - Tamil 624 Words (Flashcards)

English - Tamil 624 Words (Flashcards)
English Bilingual First Top 624 Words Educational Activity Book for Kids is ab educational book for children between 1 and 6 years of age. Flashcards can help your toddler to learn identify & recognize the world around them. This book contains over 600+ beautiful images divided into many categories such as Animals Birds Fruits Vegetables Aquatic Animals Vehicles Insects Flowers Shapes Colors Foods & Professions. Flash cards are a simple versatile resource for child development. They are an effective memory-aid tool that can help preschool kids learn new words quickly. Flashcards can improve efficiency in learning new words. They make perfect learning tools for memorizing vocabulary and identifying new objects for toddlers. Flashcards are an easy and interesting way for your child recognize the world around them. Approved worldwide by child psychologists teachers and parents themselves flashcards are ideal for very young children and those up to 7 years of age. During a child’s formative years developmental cards are almost a necessity and not just for entertainment. Flashcards are great for games and just starting conversations with your child. It’s long been known that the key to developing a child’s intellectual abilities is their personal perception and experiences during the first five years of life. By showing your child these cards you’ll Stimulate brain activity Better develop your child’s logical thinking Improve their memory and attention span and Develop reading skills faster than their peers. It’s easy to teach your child with these cards and regular studies are essential. Product Details: * 624 basic words with pictures flashcards * 109 Black & white pages * Printed on bright white smooth paper * Premium matte cover finish * Perfect for all lettering mediums * Large format 8.5" x 11.0" (215mm x 280mm) pages

Tamil, Vocabulary

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