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Copy Me, Copycub

Copy Me, Copycub
Through spring, summer, and autumn, through streams, swamps, and up and down trees, a mother bear and her cub play an important game of follow the leader. "You're my own little Copycub!" mother bear exclaims. Little does the cub know that each time he imitates his mom, he's learning precious life lessons. When winter suddenly arrives, the bears must make their way to the cozy cave to sleep until springtime. It's a long, hard journey, and as the snow blows into Copycub's eyes and ice fringes his fur, all he wants to do is lie down and sleep. How will his mother convince him to take just a few more steps? Richard Edwards's simple, gentle text is heartwarming and inspiring. All the rich details of nature and the tender interactions between mother bear and cub are made real in Susan Winter's soft watercolor illustrations.

Nature, Growing Up

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