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Budding Flowers, Breezy Days

Budding Flowers, Breezy Days
With both sunshine and rainstorms, spring is a season full of Budding Flowers and Breezy Days. Can this dad and his daughter find ways to spend their days now that winter is over and the snow is melting? Come follow along with a dad, his daughter, and their devoted pet turtle as they experience the spring season in the city. This enjoyable book, written in rhyme, shows various activities that all can delight in each and every day throughout springtime. It is a wonderful way to help children want to put down their devices and discover new pastimes to fill their days. "This book is a delightful romp through spring, splashing in puddles and smelling the flowers. Set to rhyme, the words flow easily and build on the spring theme. Children will relate to the joy in nature expressed so well by Essie Bell. Adults will enjoy reminiscing aboout the simple pleasures of childhood and may be inspired to go outside with the children and play in the spring weather. This book makes me want to stomp in a puddle in my rain boots!"

Fathers, Diverse Leads, Nature Lovers

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