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A rich library is
the best gift
you can give a child

Bookshelf Builder's book registry is perfect for baby showers and birthdays.

Meaningful. Sustainable.

Avoid duplicates.

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Baby book


We provide you a starter list of about 60 books to consider, including classics as well as books that support baby's development and caregiver bonding.  This replaces the need to create your own wishlist from scratch! 


We will edit the list together to make it perfect for you!

Children's book


Make it a team effort!  Harness the power of your support circle to expand your child's bookshelf for their next birthday.

Books are an important part of childhood development, and what better time to invest in a growing mind than a birthday!

Inclusive from the start

A celebration that welcomes expectant fathers into the world of parenthood. 


Expanding on the idea of a traditional shower, Father Fests are a time for Dad to get support from other dads, family and friends.  Research shows that reading is an excellent way for a father to bond to a newborn ... and what better way to support than than a father fest book registry!


book lists

Amazing, highly curated books organized by topics, including adoption, diverse leads, LGBT family, emotions, grandparents and more.

Children hear more than you think!  Books provide context for new and potentially confusing topics, and give caregivers a way to approach complex topics.

Did You Know Books Can ...

nurture parent-child bonding

Reading together provides opportunities for  human contact, affection, attention and shared laughter - all of which lead to deeper connections.

build lifelong capacity to learn

Being read to improves a child's ability to absorb and mentally organize information by 30%.

reduce screen time by half

Books can be used to fill idle time, including at meal times.  Children can be entertained and satisfied with engaging books more often than we think.

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Want to see it in action? 

View a sample registry.